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We can meet all your stone countertop needs. Our commitment to quality is second to none.  Precision and elegance is our specialty.  Whether it’s for a remodel or a new home, we will turn any room into a custom work of art.

Our focus on customer satisfaction through every step of the process is what sets us apart from the rest.  Stop by our shop to view some beautiful granite slabs.  We are state licensed, bonded & insured.


The Countertop Fabrication Process

Stone Fabrication

The countertop that you install in your home goes through a multi-step process of stone fabrication before becoming the beautiful final product that you will cherish for years to come.  Here are the steps from slab selection to countertop installation.

Inspecting the Slab

Being a natural product, stone slabs have unique characteristics such as natural directional veining, feldspar and mica conglomerates, or black spots that make each piece different.  A customer may find some traits beautiful and others less desirable, so the stone fabricator will work to avoid the undesirable areas at the templating and fabrication step of the process.

Template Layout

The templates are then arranged to ensure proper flow for the various countertops in your layout.  For example, with an L-shaped countertop you want to be sure that the overall flow of the pattern will work in your finished product.  An experienced template is so important for this artistic process.

Cutting the Stone

Now the stone is cut using a bridge saw.  The bridge saw uses a diamond blade, and cuts at a feed rate of 7 feet per minute.  Our precision equipment ensures the utmost quality in your final product.


In this step of stone fabrication, the cutouts for your undermount sink, cooktop, or holes for faucets are all made.  Since every stone has different characteristics, it is important to have an experienced and knowledgeable machine operator.  Modern technology and artistry come together in this step to provide a beautiful final product.  After the holes are cut, the edges are shaped and then the countertop is taken to final polish.


Finally comes the last step where the beautiful components will be expertly installed to become the centerpiece and crown jewel of your home.  A stone countertop is truly something that will last a lifetime.

What Our Clients Say

They Did Not Disappoint!

My husband and I chose to use Affordable Granite for our counter tops in our new home.  We are from Michigan and knew no one, so we took a big chance on them. THEY DID NOT DISAPPOINT!  I never had to wait on a call, I never had to worry about if they'd show up, and most importantly I never had to worry about quality of the product or installation.   Karen walked me through every step of the process. Her husband did the same on site during the installation. If you go with another company you are crazy. Affordable granite is the best!

Johnnie W.


Johnnie W.


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